How To Play / How JuVee Games Works

How To Play

Answer the multiple choice trivia question in 10 seconds or less.

Game scoring combines accuracy and speed. So, the faster you play and the more questions you answer correctly, the higher you score.

How It Works

If we were you, there are three things we'd want to know about JuVee Games. One, what is JuVee Games? Two, how do I play? Three, what does it cost?

1. What is JuVee Games?
JuVee Games is referred to as a "skill-based" game. Meaning this version of the popular game has been carefully designed to eliminate "luck-of-the-draw" elements in order to provide players with a fair, fun and legal way to play Trivia games competitively.

2. How Do I Play?
It's easy! You can try to beat your personal best or play against other players for fun and prizes.

3. How Much Does it Cost?
Right now all of our tournaments are free. That's right...FREE! No tricks, no surprises, no nuthin'. Play for free and you might win some awesome prizes.

Please contact Customer Support if you have any questions. Have fun!